Dr. Nikos Veresiagin
Др. Никос Верещагин
Athens, Kallithea
9 Thali Street
176 74 Athens
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    • Consulting and treatment is offered for all the disorders concerning the eyes and eyelids.
    • Refractive Laser surgery LASIK and PRK for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism.
    • Glaucoma consulting and Laser.
    • Retina consulting and Laser.
    • Keratoconus consulting and corneal crosslinking.
    • Cataract and eyelid surgery are available after a thorough preoperative assessment and consultation.


    Doctor Nikos Vereshchagin graduated from the Moscow State Medical and Dental University. N.A. Semashko. After in 2006 he specialized as a general surgeon at the Central General Hospital Thriasio in Athens, Greece. Doctor Nikos continued his work in Kiev, Ukraine and specialized in laser eye surgery and various eye pathologies. Doctor Nikos also trained in major private medical centres in Belarus, Lithuania, UK, India and Russia. Currently Nikos Veresiagin is an ophthalmic surgeon with more than 16 years of experience provides services for both adult patients and children of all ages at his own clinic in Kalifei, Athens, Greece.


    Languages Spoken

    English, Greek, Russian
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